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Who We Are?

We're here to help you build a better business. We are here to help you, to teach you, and to provide solutions that help you build and grow your business in smart, efficient ways.

We believe that:

  • You are the most capable person to plan, build, and grow your business.

  • Starting and running a successful Business isn't rocket science; we all just need to learn together.

  • Planning and running a business can be a lot of fun... really!

  • You can be successful doing it.

We are committed to providing that knowledge, experience, and expertise to as many other businesses as possible.

What We Stand For

We are a 100% black woman owned and Managed firm  Founded in 2016, The Legacy Centre is a business service Centre dedicated to Africa's economic growth through entrepreneurship education, training and consultancy. Our aim is to help business owners achieve their return on investment in the most efficient way. We provide strategies, tools and expertise to entrepreneurs.

Our History

Our Commitment to Results

It is our mission to provide our clients with well researched knowledge that is practical, relevant and current, while serving with integrity and excellence and uplifting the communities we are based in through learning and development.


We are committed to the responsible transformation of South Africa and believe in an empowerment paradigm that is rooted in sustainable wealth creation born of personal and organizational integrity.  We believe in affordable, simplicity, quality service, entrepreneurship, and giving back.

Our Experience

We believes in collaborative efforts, where skills are shared to empower the our clients and grow their businesses. With a core team of experienced consultants, strategic alliances and a team approach to projects, We are able to deliver value-added services


Millycent Mashele 


SAICA Top 35 under 35 2020 finalist.

She founded the business in 2015 to ensure opportunities are created to strengthen economic growth. 

Milly is a Business Leader, Auditor, Accountant, Coach and a trusted business advisor, She spends her time-solving business problems and helping other business owners create valuable, scalable and saleable businesses.


Her passion is see entrepreneurs move beyond owner dependency into valuable businesses that can really make a difference in the economy.

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Our Founder

Why Choose Us

Higher Purpose

The Why, the feeling of making the difference within the profession, to the client and individually. 


Our services focuses on learning and development, knowledge sharing helping the client learn how to do it themselves. 

Value based

We always quantify the value that the client will get from the service, help the client get value in a form of value proposition. 


The key is making sure the information we provide is relevant to the needs and goals of the client.

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