If you're keen to grow your small business to create a legacy for future generations, here's what you need to know.

The world is entering another dark age. After the Covid19 economic onslaught, business will be so hard that it will be difficult to advance economically without a strong foundation. The Legacy Centre is an expert leader in immaculate accounting and auditing services. We preach one message and one message only, "Build To Last".

when you have lived your life to the fullest. When you have invested the course of your whole entire existence into building something that will outlast you...

That is the future fulfillment and greatest use of spending your life. We at The Legacy Centre regard business foundations at a very high esteem because we believe that the depth of foundation governs the strength of any business.

The deeper your business foundation goes, the stronger your business will be and the more
likely it is to last.


We are doing more than financial services.

We lay a foundation for your business which we have the courage will outlast the pyramids.
What we really do is:

We help businesses tap into the full potential value to grow their income, maximize revenue
streams and execute strategies that lead to sustainable wealth creation.

And how we do it is through hard earned experience which only came through years and years of practice.

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