Business Advisory Programs

Designed by Entrepreneurs For Entrepreneurs

The purpose of a business is to set its owner free

Our programs consist of one on one and advisory products created by entrepreneurs and Millycent Mashele, designed specifically for business owners who want to see their business grow into healthy sustainable entities that can thrive independently of their owner.

Sounds like you

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Your Business is all about creating a valuable, scalable and ultimately, saleable business

  • Ready to grow but not so sure what is the next best move

  • Full of passion but needing direction

  • Or feeling exhausted and want to get your energy back

  • Wanting to build a business asset that will give you financial freedom 

  • Keen to plan your exit strategy

  • Willing and able to invest in experienced advice

  • Wanting to create your first advisory board

It Is Time To Build The Most Valuable Business Ever!

  • Product – what you sell, and the need it meets in the market

  • Business model – Where you are taking this business, how it will make money and how it can scale/grow bigger than you

  • Systems/delivery – how you take your product to market, your distribution channels, operational effectiveness and efficiency and the robustness of the systems that support this

  • Sales & Marketing – how you attract new customers and retain and grow your existing customers

  • Team – the structure of the organisation you need to build and the quality of the people you engage, the way you ensure high performance

  • Financials – how you keep tab on your performance by driving revenues and profits up, and the reporting around this that lets you know how you are going

Incubator Program

Monthly sessions with your Legacy Coach who works with you step by step through the process of setting the end goal, defining the vision and the business model. Then working through the strategies you need in place today to get there

Business Makeover

For business owners who want intensive hands-on input into the growing their business into an asset that generates value. The focus on what you do to create value in your market. We’ll give you tools and strategies to identify, package, and expand your innovation 

Advisory Board

An Advisory Board can help you most if you have some traction and some clarity about where you want to grow the business. They can then challenge and add value to your plans quickly before moving into giving you the right support to execute on the plan.

Tell us more about your business and we’ll get back to you with some thoughts about the best approach for you.

Virtual Team Meeting

Still Not Sure, Book a Free Session

Are you an entrepreneur who wants freedom and return on Investment from your business? If so, book a Discovery Call with one of our Membership Advisors and get started on your bigger future. On this call, you’ll get clear about your three-year goals, what’s in the way, and the plan and path to help you achieve your vision. Let’s chat!

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