Business Fundamentals Program
8-Step Process To Building A 7-Figure, Freedom Based Business

8 Weeks live online course that will transform your from a cash eating to a profitable business 

Designed by Entreprenuers for Entreprenuers 

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Why Entrepreneurship Will Make You Feel Alone

  • Entrepreneurship Means Breaking The Mold, when you feel like you’re the only one invested in your idea, it’s easy for self-doubt and loneliness to creep in

  • You Need to Deal With Rejection. It’s likely that throughout your entrepreneurial journey, you’ll be turned down more than once

  • Entrepreneurship May Leave No Time to Socialize. Being an entrepreneur is hard work, especially at the early stages when you’re cash-strapped and wearing various hats

  • Being an entrepreneur takes courage. You’re a leader, not a follower

  • Staying ahead of the pack means keeping a safe distance from the pack. And being separated from the pack can make you feel alone.

  • You get so used to doing everything yourself in the beginning that giving up control isn’t easy

  • You’re going to have to make some really hard and really important decisions as you progress down the entrepreneurship path

  • You May Intimidate People. Because being successful can come with unwanted side effects. You need to surround yourself with people who aren’t afraid to challenge you

  • You may find that your family and friends don’t understand you, or what drives and inspires you

What If I Could Show You...

How To Create A 7 Figure Business With The

INCOME And FREEDOM You Deserve!!

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Eight Weeks program to a PROFITABLE BUSINESS

  • Week 1- The Entrepreneur (Leadership)
    Week 2- Planning 
    Week 3- Sales 
    Week 4- Marketing
    Week 5- Operations
    Week 6- People/ Team
    Week 7- Finance
    Week 8- Legal 


Build trusted relationships 

  • Building trusted relationships is what we are all about.

  • You will develop long lasting relationships that deepens and evolve through our core value - Build to Last.

  • Each Business Owner in our program contributes to your success and you to theirs.

  • Now more than ever, building trusted relationships is critical to business success.




A community of dreamers, innovators and builders 

  • Our programs are build on the African Proverb "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” 

  • Entrepreneurship can be lonely if not surrounded by a positive support structure, we are a community of business advisors, entrepreneurs and support you need to anchor your entrepreneurial journey

How does works


Never Guess Again!
Proven, time-tested methods, million-dollar strategies based on high profits and owner freedom


Stop the Chaos!
Forms, documents, yours to edit. Worksheets and spreadsheets.
Live coaching, 24/7 support group


Make More Money Now! Simple step by step formula, specific "how to's", no generalities, no "applies to all" approach, industry metrics


We teach owners how to build a business, from start-up to success and profits, where the owner never works in the business and ease of operations is a TOP PRIORITY. Profits, systems, scalability and quality of life for you are the core values that drive our proven strategies for successful growth and management.

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