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Strategically Market Your Start Up

Make use of Social media

1. We now live in a digital age and you need to adapt. Social media might even be the cheapest marketing tool. It will help grow your audience and also allow you to interact with them creating a strong relationship between you and your customers.

2. Send emails

This is another strategy that comes with little or no costs. Once you obtain your potential client's email address you can send proposals to promote your business. If you have a website for your startup, consider placing a newsletter signup form on it.

3. Connect with other brands

If your startup is too small to draw a large audience by itself, the answer to building a huge group of loyal fans might just be to partner with another company larger than you.

4. Don't just sell- Engage

As an entrepreneur, your instinct may push you to sell to everyone you meet. Though there’s nothing wrong with flaunting your brand now and then, it’s important to give your company relevance and participate in discussions that don’t quite revolve around your business. Build brand trust by showing your support, whether of your community or your online following.

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