Why It Is Vital To Have Clear Team Communication And How Mastering It Will Help Your Business.

I was watching an episode of Gordon Ramsey's show Hotel Hell and during that episode, while he was yelling at an owner of a lodge I had an epiphany.

Two things stood out for me and that is:

a) lack of communication (coupled with stress) between a business owner and his/her employee will cripple a business and

b) that same lack of communication between a business owner and his/her customers will make them lose touch with reality and what is important, the customer!

This is one of the many examples that show how important communicating between you and your team really is.

Effective communication skills in the workplace are an integral part of any business’s success;

It enhances relationships within the organization and with clients, and it increases employee engagement and the overall effectiveness of a team.

Having good communication is an important tool in achieving productivity and maintaining strong working relationships at all levels of any organization.

While having poor communication in the workplace will inevitably lead to unmotivated staff that may begin to issues with their own confidence, in their own abilities and makes them consider their viability in the workplace as well as stifle the business.

A strong and reliable communication that is deeply embedded within an organization yields:

  • Team building – Building effective teams is really all about how those team members communicate and collaborate together. By implementing effective strategies, it boosts communication you will go a long way toward building effective teams. This, in turn, will improve morale and employee satisfaction.

  • Individuality – Employee satisfaction can rely a lot on their having a voice and being listened to, whether it be in regards to an idea they have had or about a complaint they need to make. Well established lines of communication should be available to everyone, no matter their level, the ability to freely communicate with their peers, colleagues, and superiors.

  • Better management – When managers are strong communicators, they are better able to manage their teams. The delegation of tasks, conflict management, motivation, and relationship building are all much easier when you are a strong communicator.

How can communication be improved in an organization?

Ensure your message is clear and accessible to your intended audience. To do this it is essential that you speak plainly and politely – getting your message across clearly without causing confusion or offense.

Ensure that lines of communication are kept open at all times. Actively seek and encourage progress reports and project updates. This is particularly important when dealing with remote staff.


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